Mr. Sullivan

Dear Dover students, families & personnel, 

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I introduce myself to the Dover community as the newly and proudly appointed building Principal of Dover Middle School. I am thankful to all the board members, students and faculty who have already engaged in my onboarding process and for making me feel right at home in this new leadership position.  In the upcoming days, weeks and months I am looking forward to meeting and learning with all of you so we can preserve the traditions of excellence at Dover and find new and exciting ways to contribute to our legacy. 

My career in education began at Green Chimneys Children Services, where I was hired as a Teaching Assistant (TA) to students in a co-teach setting.  This is where my interest in human service really blossomed.  Transitioning to Peekskill as a TA and then Stamford Academy as a special education teacher I found myself very interested in family engagement, social-emotional and character education development.  As a tenured special education social studies teacher at Lagrange Middle School, our team piloted a departmentalized co-teacher team that utilized a flipped classroom instructional model, and focused on the advancement of student-centered instruction.

For the last four years I have been an Assistant Principal in the Hyde Park Central School District.  My primary responsibilities included supporting instruction, overseeing PBIS, contributing to the rising social, emotional, and academic performance of all students and working with personnel to flatten the walls that act as barriers to education for ALL of our students, families, teachers and community members.  

Being appointed building Principal of Dover Middle School is a great example of dreaming, believing, and becoming. One of my personal goals as the incoming Principal will be to encourage students, families and personnel to recognize their true potential. 

Knowing that the only two things in this world we have complete control over is our EFFORT and our ATTITUDE I plan to model how relentless tenacity, love and teamwork will lead us to success.  Our efforts and our attitudes will directly determine our outcomes.   

Students, families and faculty, enjoy your summer.  Take time for self and for family.  This has been a long, complicated and devastating year and you deserve a restful break filled with laughter, family and friends.  

Health, wealth, and happiness to you and yours. See you in September!!!


Joseph W. Sullivan 


Dover Middle School

845-877-5700  x1131